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Relaxing on the Beach

My favourite way to relax and de-stress is to lay on the beach, listening to the soft sound of the waves, feeling the sand adapt gradually to my body, and soaking in the sun.

I grew up by both the mountains and the ocean, so I feel very grateful to have enjoyed the best of both worlds for a long time – but since moving to London I’ve noticed I long for these places more and more. The beach is a place that is still very close to my heart and that I run to whenever I’m getting too overwhelmed and nothing else is working to relax me.

It’s like I’m finally able to think clearly again, finally able to take control of my life and not feel like the world is against me.

Sometimes, I wonder how people feel living in places such as Hawaii, having a relaxed lifestyle by the beach. Is it as amazing as it sounds, or does it get old?

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  1. I always wonder the same thing when I visit my favorite place on earth, the Outer Banks of North Carolina. One year we stayed at a B&B and got to talking to one of the owners and I asked him if he ever found himself taking advantage of it. He admitted that sometimes, yes, he forgets to be thankful or enjoy it, but he said for the most part, he does realize how lucky he is.

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  2. I think it’s always best to live somewhere close to a beach but not something that’s easily accessible every other day? Otherwise, I find that one loses the value of something if it’s too close-by..That being said, I know what you mean by how it feels to be in one! I’m not sure about the weather on your side, but on my end, the beach days are over at least for the moment 😛 Until next year! 😥

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  3. It’s rightly said we realise value of something as soon as the thing goes away from us… And the same goes with humans too..
    We have a place to go by whenever we feel low.. It’s because we don’t have access to that place on a daily basis.. Which helps us think differently.. Thus relaxing us..
    Nice post.. Good day!


  4. Enjoyed your post. I was born in a small town in the Netherlands, just two miles from the beach. Was fortunate to inherit a small caravan over there from a friend. On the beach I am at peace with the world. Glad you liked my post on haiku.

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