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Sorry I’ve Been Gone

Sorry I’ve been away and not had time to write. Truth is, life has been very busy and chaotic, and I don’t feel in control of anything – which isn’t necessarily bad.

I write when I’m inspired, when I need to let my feelings out. It’s usually the only time when I feel completely in control – when I put my feelings down on “paper”.

Sometimes I write about sad stuff. Other times about happy stuff. Other times I simply write about something I think people should know about. My passion is to write, it doesn’t matter what about as long as I feel inspired.

Right now I’m just writing this to thank everyone who stuck with my blog for the last little while – you are all so nice with your comments and inspire me to keep writing every day (even if I don’t always post it on here).

What inspires you to write more? Let me know 😊

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  1. Dear newpmv,

    I am inspired by what I feel, what I see, what I hear, what I taste, what I smell, what I read. I am also inspired by what I fear and what I loathe. What I cherish and what I chide… Friendship. Fragrances. Fragility.

    I am inspired by words, by language. Cadence caresses my innermost thoughts. I am enamored with the enthusiasm of those who love to write. They endeavor to articulate their life’s experiences and aha moments in the most palatable of ways – so as to share their insights, wrapping ya with words in their epiphanies..

    I enjoy your blog. It is both simple and sophisticated. You espouse honesty and herald humanity. Keep writing. Your posts inspire me when my chaos causes my writing to be put on hold.

    You beautifully remind me not to stay in lyrical neutral too long. No matter how busy I get, I mustn’t forget to dance with my pen. There’s just too much to say (smile).

    Thank you for today’s inspiration…as a result, I should have a new post coming soon. I’m long overdue.

    ~Carla Michelle

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  2. I go on a hiatus every so often and I think it’s necessary. Life happens and that’s really the only reason needed. One thing I’ve started doing is writing just a sentence or a paragraph about an idea or topic so I can come back to it. It sounds weird but when things get chaotic, it’s gives you something to redirect and focus on. Keep writing and keep inspiring 😊

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  3. It’s the love towards my hobby of writing which motivates me to write. I am too like you. I write when I am happy, sad and specially when I feel like to make someone know something inspiring. Whatever be the continuity period of our writing, we must be proud that we still continue to write.

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