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It’s Weird Looking Back

Sometimes it’s weird looking back at old photos. It’s weird seeing how young I looked, and the people I loved deeply that are no longer part of my life. How do you reconnect?

It’s weird to see myself looking so happy in one photo, next to a friend I loved, but also know the truth behind that photo of how much anxiety and borderline depression I was going through. I captured that moment because it made me happy, but it does not erase the amount of internal suffering that was happening behind the scenes. But who else could know that but I?

I do love the moments I captured those photos of love amongst friends, and I miss them. But it is still weird looking back

When people ask me why I don’t want to go back to University – it’s for many different reasons, but I just don’t want to go through the same internal struggles again.

Do you feel the same when you look back at old photos? Specially the ones you look happy on.

Let me know below 😊

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  1. I feel the same way when I look at old photos! Especially ones with friends I no longer am connected with or loved ones who have passed on. It’s hard sometimes, being borderline myself as well as having ptsd. Sometimes I get triggered by old photos and I can’t unsee it. On the other hand, there are happy photos where I knew I was genuinely happy in that moment. I don’t know, I’m rambling haha

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    • Haha I love rambling, that’s when the true feelings come out 🙂 I agree, some photos can have a lot of different emotions behind them even if it won’t seem like it to others.

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      • Very true!! Photos are amazing, whoever invented the first camera was a genius! Even if they can be triggering I feel like photos can also be therapeutic if they bring back happy memories. It can remind you of a time in the past and encourage you to keep pushing forward 😁

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  2. It is weird looking back. The weirdest part is our memories are actually quite frail. We tend to remember a lot of mistaken information, and it’s so likely that our memories of events may not actually represent the actual time properly. We can try and relive an experience but it will not be the same as experiencing it first hand properly. I guess I suppose, they say collection of our memories makes us who we are, or maybe our perception of these memories does. It’s one complicated idea! Fab post x

    Laura /

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  3. A Picture is worth a Thousand Words is so true.

    I have boxes of old photographs as I was camera mad from about the age of 12. There are old 110 pictures where everything is bathed in a peachy glow, as if the sun was going down right in the room which make me laugh as we still had 1970s Orange and Brown wallpaper and the glow just made it look as though we were living in some weird kinda day-glo universe! I also have some beautiful clear 35mm images of things like when my marriage was in trouble, but you couldn’t tell from any of the photos of us taken throughout a tumultuous year. We’re still together now (just coming up for 28 years). Those pictures make me feel sad for what we were going through but also show me that we’ve grown and developed and that is what we’re here all here for.

    You can look back and feel sad but you should also know and understand that you’ve moved on (even if not very far), but that as you move forwards further and further away those pictures will be a reminder of how far you’ve come and how great you were and you are! 🙂

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