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PDFelement Review: Cheaper Option to Adobe?

I write a lot for my job, edit a lot of different files, and tend to play around with design as well. It’s just upsetting when you have to re-edit a file using any of the Adobe apps which tend to take longer, especially when it’s for little changes you only noticed after exporting. I never really worried about this, until I needed to edit a PDF on my own time and realised I didn’t have a good app to edit PDFs that was affordable, leaving me kind of stuck on what to do after exporting the file.

Recently, I have been testing and reviewing wondershare’s PDFelement, and I have got to say it definitely lives up to the hype! Aside from it being an amazing alternative and much cheaper than Adobe, it has such a simple, user-friendly design, and is sooo much faster to use. Everything was so easy to understand and easy to find when trying out this programme that it was almost instinct editing my first file without any hassle.

The good, and the wonderful

You can do much quicker edits to any file, it is very easy to convert it into a word file, excel file, etc. And if you get the Pro option, it comes with an optical character recognition, which is awesome when you’re editing a PDF with an unknown font or a file you scanned (I love that feature)!

You can quickly add or edit text, hyperlink easily in files, crop it, change the background, etc. It also possesses Form Recognition which is very convenient (and you’ll know this if you’ve ever tried to create a form with .PDF) and works like a charm.

The point I was actually really surprised by was the fact that, despite it having many functions and capabilities, the performance of this product is not slowed down by the slightest – I found it to be the fastest pdf editor I’ve ever used, even when editing a 150-page pdf file.

It is a programme with everything you could ask for, which makes it difficult to cover off everything in one blog post, but some of the nifty little tricks I liked when trying it out is the fact that you can take absolute control of what you’re doing with your pdf file. You can select every single element and edit it as you wish, delete it, or replace it. It makes it so much easier to correct mistakes in PDF files or to share your files with others using the share feature (even using send and track).


For me the only downside I see you’d have with using this programme is the fact that it does not look as sleek as Adobe, for example. Although I really think it is simpler design that makes this pdf editor so much faster than others I have tried out there, and that makes it more than worth it.

Discounted Price Here

Too good to be true? No such thing! Try it out with a 50% discount here and let me know what you think below. It is already incredibly cheap to use it, and with this discount you’ve barely notice you just paid for a full year subscription!

PDFelement also offers a free App, do download and give this a go as well – an awesome alternative for those on-the-go!


I can’t tell you how much I love each feature. For me the best part of using PDFelement is that it saves me so much time editing PDF files, and I can do it for myself at a much affordable price which is the best part.

It is incredibly easy to use, has all the features you could ever want. I’m a fan!

*while I was sponsored to write this post, all the views expressed here are my own after reviewing PDFelement. I was asked for my honest opinion which is what I did, and I hope you love it as much as I do. Let me know what you think of it after trying it in the comments below 😊

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