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Unrealistic Expectations

Do you ever feel like you have unrealistic expectations of something or someone?

I find myself constantly in the position where people keep failing to meet expectations in what they’d do for me or say to me, or even certain situations where it doesn’t go exactly the way it was “meant to go”.

Not talking about just friends, but also family. I feel like family is meant to be that anchor that keeps me grounded and is there to help me if I’m feeling lost, but it doesn’t seem like they’re always the wisest. It doesn’t seem like they have learned that much through the many more years of experience they have on me.

I feel like I have to adapt the way I think when interacting to certain members of family, just enough to make myself understood to them.

Do you act differently around family or do you have a very open relationship with everyone around?

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  1. People all have their own issues they are dealing with. Be sure to be there for them, too, because the only person’s behavior you can change is your own.

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