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Artistic Souls

I think I’m an artistic soul. I’m inspired both by beauty and ugliness. Both by light and dark.

I find it easier to draw inspiration when there are very strong feelings associated with something, and if these feelings are not present then my work will be sub-par.

I used to draw cute cartoons, then I changed to drawing people, then to darker anime style drawings. Nowadays I tend to write out whatever I can, whenever I’m feeling less than okay.

What do you draw inspiration from? And what is your artistry like?

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  1. I also feel I’m an artistic soul. I find nearly everything of nature inspirational. I appreciate all the different forms. I enjoy listening to the unspoken and spoken stories to be told of the artist and his/her work. I strongly believe in art therapy and it’s benefits on our mental health. I also dabble in it quite a bit.

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    • I agree with Nova and look to nature for inspiration. Also I like to write by just putting pen to paper and releasing words.

      But when I have something with a deadline, I tend to bake muffins and experiment with the recipe.

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  2. I got an inspiration by observing something (esp. nature, human, artwork). I am a good observer so I can find a beauty and meaning behind the ugliness, light behind the darkness. Maybe that’s what my artistry look like.

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