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Don’t Get In Your Head

Do you know how people tell you to trust your gut? But how are you meant to trust your gut if you’re basically an anxiety ball who gets in their head all of the time?

I’ve always thought I was good at knowing what was going on around me and making smart decisions, but when I start feeling so anxious that I doubt everything and everyone, I need to really ask whether or not I can trust all the thoughts going through my head.

How do you know the difference between trusting your gut, and just general anxiety?

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  1. I just posted about this a few weeks ago — even though I’ve made lots of progress with my anxiety over the last few years, I still feel like I don’t have a gut feeling, Or if I do, I don’t know what it is or how to sense it. This makes decision making very difficult. Sigh. I wish I had more advice, but I guess I’m just letting you know you’re not alone.

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  2. My gut feeling is less about experiences and more about people. It’s easier for me to see a person and go with my gut about them than it is about a situation. My best friend lives in Atlanta. She’s my best friend because she’s awesome (I’m making this super general). Traveling to Atlanta is not awesome. Being away from home makes me think of several things that make me anxious. My gut tells me that I will be fine but also that I need to be wary of every little thing. It’s ridiculous. It’s an expectation that my brain has set that I can never meet.

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  3. 23 years ago I met my 2nd husband. At that time, I was finally diagnosed with GAD. Even with the amount of stress I was under, I knew being with him would be the best decision I would ever make, so I put my house up for rent, sold half my belongings and moved to another state. Years later, I’m glad I understood my gut was right, it was my brain chemicals that were out of whack.

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  4. This is a big one for me. I struggle with health anxiety. If I “trusted my gut” I’d be at the doctor once a week convinced I was dying of “insert-exotic-condition-here”. 😛 I’ve learned to take a step back and give things time to resolve themselves. My husband is also super practical, which helps. I can straight out ask him, “is this a real concern or just me catastrophizing?”

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