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A Candle in the Wind

Just like a candle in the wind, if the winds are too strong, I too feel like my light goes out.

I can’t close myself off to the world surrounding me, or I will run out of fuel. I need some room to breathe but a way to protect myself from these strong winds that keep coming into my life.

When there’s no wind, it’s easy to shine. But how do you protect yourself during windy seasons?

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  1. Have you ever been near a campfire, or started one yourself? I remember the first time I saw my brothers put together a fire, being so shocked when they would fan the fire to make it bigger. I always assumed the slightest bit of wind would extinguish a campfire but it’s almost the opposite. My brother took a paper plate and fanned the heck of the base of the fire and each and every time the fire would double in size. And it feels like a good metaphor for this. I know candles and campfires are two separate things, but fire is fire. Sometimes a little wind to rock things up actually helps the flame flourish in the end. You get me?

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