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Trusting Someone

I was once told by someone very important in my life that you should not trust anyone unless you’ve known them to be a good person for a very long time. But doesn’t that get exhausting, having to distrust most people?

I personally think, lately, that there are different levels of trust. Only very close and old friends would know about all my deep secrets. Others know about most of my life. Others only know what I want them to know.

Either way, I find that trusting people without giving them tools to hurt you in the future is a lot less exhausting than not trusting them at all.

What do you think? I feel like people who’ve been burned before have different perspectives.

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  1. I think I automatically trust. There’s no way for me not to. And I think you’re right about different levels of friendship. Only certain people know certain hints about me, but I trust people and let them into my life unless I’ve had a prior negative experience with them. Trust hasn’t paid off well in my life, but I think it is now. Thank you for writing this and helping me start my inner dialogue.

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  2. I’ve begun to think I’m just a gullible person. I’ve been given a lifetime of reasons not to trust people, yet I am like Ray, I do. I want so badly to believe people are trustworthy.

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  3. I choose spend time with people I know who are trying. Trying to better their lives and trying to better their relationships. I’ve found the more consistent someone is with their emotions the more forgiving I am when they make a mistake. I feel that people who never look inward try to short cut their way through life have a hard time staying consistent. I trust those who try.

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