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Letting Your Feelings Out

Shout it from a rooftop. Scream into a pillow. Kick a punching bag. Sprint for 1 km. Cuddle with a bunny. Do yoga. Cry it out. Write it down.

Don’t let your feelings get bottled up for too long, it will just end up hurting you.

I’m trying to do the same, and I’m choosing to do the last one. A lot of times I also go for sprints, which help.

How do you let your feelings out? Give me ideas below 😉

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  1. It’s a problem. I was once confident to let my feelings out in spirited debate over everything I found wanting, but spirited debate these days seems to offend people even more than foul language and online flaming. The risks of being emotionally honest have escalated exponentially over time. I think another reply is as close as possible to a solution; write down your feelings, and sort through them before sharing. ‘Write Down’ doesn’t mean on a wall or a tweet where anyone can see them; it means in a visceral place where you can experience the weight of them in your hand, and weigh them back into your heart.
    Just my opinion.

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  2. I like to blog about it or listen to music and cry. Or just cry. I feel like no matter how much I let out my feelings, there are still more.

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  3. Such a great post, short and sweet but to the point. I have first handedly felt the negative effects of bottling up feelings to be considerate of others only to find that it was far more damaging than I could have anticipated. I go for walks, clear my mind and fully immerse myself in my surroundings and take deep meaningful breaths, I like to talk things out with people I trust too!

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  4. I can no longer write when I feel bad. I used to but found it locked me into the things that made me feel bad. Now I must get busy, walk, and preferably surround myself by trees in a forest; the cherry on top is if I can hear/see waterfalls. I must dig in the dirt and beautify flower/garden beds. I must touch and see things that are real. Block out the BS of the world at large. Gratefully, the dark cloud passes and I feel like. for the time being, I won.

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