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Take Care of Each Other

Sometimes I feel really alone. I’m surrounded by people that I know love me, but I cannot help but feeling like I’m a burden. No one actually wants me around and they’re just being nice because I’m in their life already and it would be too awkward to make me go away.

That’s not hyperbolic, that is actually how I feel.

Sometimes I do feel like that’s crazy and I’m just over-exaggerating, but other times I cannot shake the feeling that it is how they feel.

I like to think that I’m pretty aware of how others around me feel, so at moments I’m 100% sure they cannot wait for me to go away.

Yes, it sounds dramatic, but I’m just being honest.

So, if you have a friend that you know feels the same way, just take care of each other. Unless your friend is THAT toxic that they’re making your life a living hell, do not give up on them. In the end, you’ll just be realising their worst fear.

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  1. See nobody is trying to get rid of you. Its because of your overthinking. I have experienced this in my life once, me and my boyfriend used to work in same office.when he resigned, i felt so alone and thought that people are trying to get rid of but its was my thought.then slowly and steadily i started socialising with go and explore the world make new friends, listen friend life is too sort to overthink enjoy it dear

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  2. I totally get it. I’ve had that feeling my entire life. I think it comes from our life experiences, our early childhood foundation or lack of; depression becomes part of our DNA I think. I’ve come to accept it. Now I mostly stay alone with my aloneness and I actually prefer it. I find I don’t feel alone if I can get out and walk and say hello to people, go to the store and just be around people. I really don’t have a desire to BE with people socially. Not even family. It’s society that tells us it’s wrong. Try to find peace with yourself. Do what makes YOU feel at peace. Then see if others fit into your space. You might just be trying to fit into theirs? (I’m no expert, believe me!) Peace 🌹

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  3. I know the feeling all to well brother, my moods are all over the place that I know I’m a burden to be around. People have a great time until they turn to me and I speak; their smiles disappear and I notice I’m talking honestly again. Then it’s awkward because they can’t relate, but I understand so I don’t hold it against them. I’m extremely likeable apparently but I’m a buzzkill eventually and I am rarely invited anywhere. Who wants a 28yr old man as their friend who will make you laugh hysterically and then he cries uncontrollably? I need a gag, a blindfold and some earplugs.

    It makes me sick to see ‘normies’ cast ‘negative’ people out of their lives like they’re trash.

    You aren’t alone

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