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Explosion of Words

Today is one of those days where I’ve written non-stop for hours. My anxiety was so bad that I felt like it was the only thing that would make it go away – and it’s working like a charm.

After writing for so long and putting most of my feelings (yes, there are probably more to come) down on paper is helping me finally feel calm inside and like I’m in control of my life. Why is that?

It literally felt like I had so much on my chest that I had to let out, and not stopping the typing for hours on end it’s like the words were what was stuck on my chest and I finally have room to breathe now.

I love writing so much and I hope I never lose this passion for it.

Do you feel the same way when you write? Or do you write for other reasons? Let me know 😊

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  1. I write for that and other reasons. It helps me calm my anxiety and it is also a good way to put thoughts and ideas in a format that is easy to share with the world.

    Thanks for blogging!

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  2. Hm.. When anxiety hits me it’s hard to shake it off. But I always feel better when I have a plan of action for whatever I am anxious about. It calms the anxiety somewhat. Without a plan I am a bit lost.

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  3. I just write to get things and feelings off my chest. It’s hard talking about inner feelings and turmoil. Writing a out it makes my chest feel lighter. I just started blogging, so quite new to writing.

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  4. How beautiful! I do write for relief, but I also write to reinvigorate myself; to start from scratch; figure things out; privatize my frustrations and fears; soothe my stressors; to entertain myself – and of late, to compel and console others who may identify with me in my hopes and my heartaches.

    I’m an educator by craft, which often spills over into my speaking and writing career. Having taught writing to students in early childhood, elementary and high school, I have an unabashed affection for words and their power to allow an audience to transcendently embark upon our most treasured – or painful – experiences. It was planted in me as a child…

    Words are like paint, and our pages are the canvas. How picturesque are the stories we can tell of our lives when we merely sit down to pen them.

    The story is a gift. I’m honored to be a vessel.

    #enjoyedit ☺️
    Job well done, Sir. Your work is delightful to read.

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