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WordPress Premium Vs. Business: Is It Worth It?

As something that I have been recently dabbling with, I wanted to offer my insight into the benefits of having WordPress Premium Vs. WordPress Business.

Now, I will start by saying that this will mostly be relevant to people who are blogging or have a small website with not too large of an audience.

WordPress Premium

I have had WordPress premium for about 2 years now. I started it on a free trial because I wanted to have more insight into who was viewing my posts and I wanted to start placing ads on my blog. I never expected (and still don’t) to get any money from my blog, as I do it for the sheer pleasure of writing, but it is fun to see your progress throughout the years in the little “revenue” that you might get from it.

I love building an audience and hopefully helping others understand my view of certain aspects of life – and I get to write, my favourite hobby, while doing so!

WordPress Business

I had WordPress Business for the last one week. Right off the bat I’m going to tell you: this plan is not for you AT ALL if you are only a small blogger. Yes, I know that they are very clear that the Premium plan is the best one for freelancers and bloggers, but I have been wanting to upgrade to Business for months!

As a Marketing professional, I wanted to be able to use Google Analytics and take advantage of all the plugins that WordPress offers. Little did I know that this plan is hosted elsewhere, which means that while it looked like my website was the exact same, it was actually different. Little things that mattered to me as a blogger disappeared: such as the reblog button and the follow button. The website itself also had a glitch of no ads for one full day and when the ads came back, they were placed so weirdly that it just made the blog feel all wrong.

I tried to edit a few things and deal with it, to give it a chance. I took advantage of the important plugins and Google Analytic: and saw no real results from it. Yes, there was not enough time to full test this out, but I was weirdly getting less traffic and less views on my blog.

Now, I have just downgraded back to the Premium plan (shoutout to the awesome WordPress Support team, they’ve been so helpful!), and I couldn’t be happier to see my good old blog back to normal and my traffic as well. Full disclosure, had a lot of issues with the content that was transferred over from the Business hosting to the Premium hosting, and would not recommend downgrading between these two plans.

So, while I believe that the Business plan might be amazing for actual businesses and offers a lot of tools for you to work with, I really don’t think it works well for bloggers (unless you have a massive audience). I will most likely not be going back to the Business plan anytime soon, as it did not work for me.

What plan are you on? What do you recommend for different users? Let me know below 😊

29 thoughts on “WordPress Premium Vs. Business: Is It Worth It? Leave a comment

    • If you’re a small blogger there’s not much reason to change I would say 🙂 the fact that it’s hosted elsewhere you gotta transfer content over is a big negative in my opinion, it makes it not worth it

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    • Yup, that is definitely something I didn’t realise and had to place extra widgets to replace it. It’s an important tool which is why I thin Premium is much better for smaller freelancers

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    • I’m glad it could help you out 🙂 Business has many amazing options for bigger businesses, but for freelancers I do believe Premium offers better tools.


  1. I’ve online business selling products on my own website, amazon and e-Bay. Do you think WORDPRESS Business can boost my sell? THANK you!

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    • It does offer the option to sell products directly, but if you already have so many channels to sell through, why would you get one more? Your website should be enough if you boost it and focus on it 😉

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  2. Thank you for sharing this! I am currently out of storage on my free plan so I need to upgrade in order to post more…I have been looking at the basic vs the premium plan and trying to decide which is best for me. I am somewhat leaning towards the premium plan, and it sounds like it’s a good inbetween for someone who wants to start growing their blog more, would you recommend it??
    Alice x

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