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Drink Plenty of Water

My body feels like it’s full of toxins. Heavy, negative feelings that keep lingering every day and come back to haunt me more and more every day.

Drinking plenty of water is something that actually really helps me feel better at the end of the day. Even with anxiety, I always feel like water is a tool I can use to make me feel better and make it more bearable when a bad anxiety day casually comes along.

What do you feel about the power of water and what major improvements do you usually see?

PS: It does wonders also for my skin, headaches, and stops me from craving everything at all times of the day.

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  1. I have the opposite experience with water. I feel better when I limit it to only a serving or two per day, plus what is in the food I eat. Too much water is harmful. I don’t recall the exact problems it can cause, but the kidneys can only process a certain amount within a certain time. Athletes have ended up in hospitals, drinking too much water during marathons and other events. All the extra work for the kidneys can cause fatigue. I have found this from experience too.
    I don’t want to be negative or contradictory, but I feel the need to point this out, as I think people should be aware of this. We hear/read “drink more water” ad nauseum, but it’s not always beneficial.

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    • 100% that “too much water” can have negative effects on your body – too much of anything will have that effect. I guess everyone will have to find their comfortable zone and see how they feel, but water (and not sugary juices, coffee, etc.) can have so many amazing benefits for my mental health, skin, hair, etc. etc.


  2. O’m glad if it helps you, though. I didn’t want to be negative. Also, there are herbal medicine to get rid of toxins, too. Chlorophyll, I think, but I am not particularly knowledgeable about this.


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