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How to Handle Negative People?

What if you don’t have a choice and you’re stuck having to stay around negative people that make you feel worse day by day? What if you cannot handle that you have to do this on an every day basis?

I don’t know how to handle it at all. While I don’t feel personally offended by anything and I try to disassociate from it, every time I am around them it’s like a giant ball of tension and anxiety is forming around my chest, barely allowing me to clearly think, breathe, or generally function normally.

Do you have any tricks that allow you to interact with those people? Please share them below because I’ll need it!

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  1. At work, I tend to use the mantras “his/her issue, not mine” and “focus on what you can control” a lot. It takes a TON of work to be able to actually listen to these sayings, but it’s totally worth it. As cliche and annoying as it is, breathing helps. Just breathe through their negativity. Focus your energy on something else, even something minor like the dust bunnies accumulating behind your monitor. Or if you can, get up and go to the bathroom or do a lap around the office or something. Hopefully they’ll be done when you get back.

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  2. Negative people just want to be heard. It seems like they complain because they are going through something in their personal lives and need to vent. I try to support them by listening and sharing words of wisdom and a positive perspective on whatever the issue seems to be. After, a few conversations they tend to learn that I only give off positive vibes and in order to be around me they have to be positive or go in the opposite direction.


  3. I agree with stacyaldermanwriter. I also just point out a positive comment for each negative thing they say . It usually irritates them and they go on their way. I must say I am a bit of a negative person but I do not walk day in an day out talking negative. It’s better just to keep my mouth shut. And I press myself to think positively about whatever I am negative about. A lesson other negative people should learn.

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  4. Never stay with negative people. It is too dangerous and you deserve the best. Everyone deserves the best. Don’t waste your time with negative people. They are frustrated. They will envy you. And don’t feel guilty to love yourself first!

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