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Unsure of Myself

The me I see online is definitely me. Me at my best. Me having fun, showing the world all is okay.

The me I present online is not necessarily fake, but it’s so shallow there’s no way to know what is really going on behind those eyes. I always wonder if others online are presenting themselves the same way but feel an ocean of feelings inside that does not let them be their social media selves all the time.

I also always wonder if how others see me on social media is that way. Thinking I’m always travelling, or having fun, or having delicious foods. Do they think that’s my life? But, if it’s online and I post those photos, is it not my life? Am I just keeping myself from really feeling those positive feelings and have focused on the negative all along?

I’m unsure of myself. I’m unsure of how I’m actually meant to feel about my life, and wonder why it’s so difficult to focus and remember those beautiful moments I had that I posted online.

If I can present it to the world, why do I not believe it completely?

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  1. We are constantly dealing with uncertainty about our being – it is part of life and what makes it challenging, interesting and entertaining. Together we can learn and grow together via sharing of our experiences – this is The DSM Ready Movement 🙂


  2. It’s common. My first- person Hunter Thompson style of music & comedy journalism incorporates an alter ego. It’s me, but it’s also beyond me and a lot more entertaining. I am that person, but I’m also the HR Professional at work every day. Although you’re talking social media & “shallow” and i’m talking a writer’s alter ego. Maybe not the same thing…but I think we are in the same neighborhood here. Aside from HR and music / comedy over here we have the insecure anxiety sufferer mental health case… and the Youngest In The Family Girl / I’m The Baby… with the “only with my extended family” babygirl persona. We all wear many masks. My personal belief is we are all these things.


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