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Meditate the Pain Away

When life gets too much, and too loud, the only thing that seems to quiet my mind and get myself back into a healthy place is meditation

Meditation made its way into my like when I was 16, it was a way to get my mind focused and stop all the pain from taking over. It didn’t start being as helpful as it is now, but once you get used to just focusing on yourself and healing, meditation can have benefits you couldn’t even dream of.

Nowadays, when I get home anxious, exhausted, and not having much else to give, I simply gather my thoughts and meditate. The world goes back into a place where all makes sense and I’m able to carefully assess my feelings.

Do you meditate? What do you use it for?

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    • I can’t focus either. I usually either go for guided meditation or you just let your mind wonder in silence, at some point you’ll feel when the meditation starts 🙂 it takes practice

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  1. True words of finding yourself with peace and tranquility. I too am reading a very nice book by Thich Nhat Hanh called Art of Living and he only talks on meditation that is to be mindful and awake every moment. It is really awesome.

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  2. There was a time when I used to meditate everyday. This happened for a month or so but then I got busy with everyday life and lost the habit 🙁 Hope to start it again. Great post! 🙂


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