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Different Personas

I’ve heard people say you should stay true to who you are at all times, and others saying they let out different personas in order to be able to express themselves.

I don’t always behave the exact same way if I’m with family, different groups of friends, or co-workers. In order to feel more comfortable in a situation, I feel like I automatically see how others act around me and I adapt my energy in order not to put them off.

So, if someone is very high energy, I try to match that. If someone is not very energetic or seems to be in a bad mood, I’ll match that too. It may seem weird to some or even seem unfair to me that I feel the need to adapt myself to others’ energy, but that’s how I feel more comfortable. I never change what I believe it, my morals, and what I stand for, but the general personality does change.

What do you feel about this? Is it something that bothers you when you see people acting differently, or do you do the same and behave differently around certain people?

Let me know below 😊 I feel like I truly get to express who I am if I’m not putting people off by having a very different energy.

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  1. I have the same issue. Some people guide the energy in the room and some get into the existing flow. I guess we are in the second group. And I believe both are natural; it is just how we are.

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  2. This is very interesting. My daughter says she is more like you. I think I am usually the same in most situations. But I enjoy different personalities. I think it all balances out. The differences all work together for good.

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  3. It’s normal and it’s good to be able to read situations and adapt yourself to it without changing your general self 🙂
    I am more serious, reserved and focused at work maintaining a more calm energy.
    I am more open and carefree when I’m with family and close friends showing more energy. Less open with not so close friends and acquaintances, often appearing shy and quiet at first. Depends who I’m with and where I am. At home I’m a lazy bum usually with very low energy and want to sleep all day. 🙂

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  4. I behave differently to certain people. When I’m with my family and close friends, I can be a bit loud and crazy. When I’m with people in general, I’m more calm person. When I meet new people for the first time, I’m kinda shy, awkward and quiet around them.

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  5. I can understand this. For me, unless I am with people I genuinely like, some part of me takes over and “handles” the situation, saying/doing whatever gets us/me through it, and it is sometimes difficult returning to my real self afterward.

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  6. I used to feel this way, but now older I think my ‘personas’ have kind of merged into one; my more serious side is perhaps not so serious, and my silly side is calmer.

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  7. I think undeneath whatever self we are expressing when we are among people, the basic core in us and our integrated fundamental principles won’t change. We just differ in how we behave or react, decide whether it’s safer to keep quiet to avoid an unnecessary disagreement of opinion or whether we can say what we feel without being judged. I don’t think there is anything wrong with adjusting our personas a bit depending on the type of people we are with, its more respectful to the environment around us and it doesn’t mean anybody is not being true to themselves. In the end we are always figuring out who we are as a person (throughout our lives) and this is a great way to figure out some of it 🙂

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  8. I have to adapt myself depending on the demographics I’m interacting with, sometimes it’s an inner conflict due to my values and what I believe in. Although, it’s nice to be accepted by different people by modifying who we are, it can be self-distructive and it can even make us adopt new traits that aren’t intended in our journey. Sadly, it’s why many people adopt new identities and roles that aren’t intended which is why we really need to be at touch with our values and our mission, purpose, and drive as a person.


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