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I love feeling confident. Those days where nothing seems to bother me and I’m completely secure in who I am and how I look. I know my skills and I believe in myself.

And then for some reason there are also days where everything seems to make me insecure, nervous, anxious, and like all is going wrong (even though not much changed from the day before). I look at my hair and I think I’m going bald. I look at my teeth and think they’re all going to rot and fall out. I don’t feel like I’m in shape, and overall seem to lose control of my life.

Why is that? Why do most people need to feel like they are in control and why do all of these insecurities come at once?

Wish I could always be my confident self.

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  1. In your post, you mentioned physical insecurities. I tend to mostly suffer from non-physical insecurities, although now I’m thinking about my hair and teeth…

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    • Haha I’m sorry 😛 yes, today it’s mostly physical insecurities, mostly I suffer with non-physical ones, although I find they tend to be related to one another a lot of times

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  2. I was surprised when my friend in his thirties shaved his head in winter, when it was pretty cold. He replied, “I didn’t have much hair anyway, so it doesn’t matter! But I have a beard!”

    Perhaps it’s because he used to be a barista, so everyone is used to seeing him wearing a cap anyway.

    I think we all have our insecurities, but having a laugh with friends make these insecurities sound less significant than we think.


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