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Let the Anger Go

Let the anger go, it’s making you sick.

Don’t let it take control of your every thought and action, because it will result in you being unhappy with your own life.

Sometimes it might seem like you need to be angry to validate your feelings, but just know your anger isn’t affecting anyone else but you. Let go of the anger and work logically to solve the issue you have at hand, you’ll see your life before better and better by the hour.

A more loving world means a healthier one ❤

PS: No, I do not mean that anger does not have any place in all situations. There are certain, more extreme, situations where your anger is more than valid. Just learn not to hold on to it forever, as it will not bring you any good in this world. 😊

4 thoughts on “Let the Anger Go Leave a comment

  1. I keep trying, but the idiot factor just keeps increasing here, LOL.

    Jeweler recently destroyed my $5000 wedding ring with two weeks to go before my wedding. Love and light is fine, but sometimes Hulk needs to smash deserving people. >D

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