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Why I Love Exploring

I love walking around in unknown (safe) places for with no aim or goal, discovering places few people have seen before and getting to spend some time not worrying about where I’m going or what I’m going to do next.

I do that around wherever I live at any point in time, but also whenever I visit a new country. I feel like it’s truly the best way to just let go and experience new things.

Some people love having an itinerary of where to go, and while I do think that’s always helpful if you’re stuck on what to do next, I prefer having little expectations and going wherever destiny takes me.

I’ve gotten to know so many incredible places around my house that I wouldn’t otherwise know, that I definitely won’t be doing things any differently in the future.

What’s your favourite way to explore things around you?

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  1. I think for me I’m kind of a mix. Sometimes I love just driving somewhere new, having no plan of what to do and just exploring and doing whatever I feel like. When I do something like travel overseas though I’m all about the lists! I love knowing what there is to do and where so I don’t miss anything.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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  2. I like interacting with ordinary everyday people and just listening to their life experiences. People appreciate a listening ear and that’s an amazing way to tap the best out of people. I do not only confine myself to people in my own space but just randomly.

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