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Top 6 Reasons I Want to Visit Japan

For me, Japan is like a magical country that would be a perfect fit for me. I have never been there (hopefully very soon), but there are so many reasons why I was to visit it. Here are some of my top reasons:

  1. It’s quiet(er). I know that’s not the case everywhere (I watch videos about Japan every day :P), but generally speaking, people in Japan seem to be more polite and quieter in public, resulting is less louder noises wherever you go.
  2. Mentioned above, people seem more polite. I doubt this is the case with everyone, but the culture seems to influence people to respect each other’s space and to think about others before you disturb them. And specially in the work place, employees seem to be very mindful of each other’s work.
  3. The culture is astonishing. There is so much going on with Japan’s culture and history, but it’s made them become a nation that I’m fascinated by. I would love to see up-close how they daily lives go on and how they interact, because it seems to be very different than other countries.
  4. The food. I already eat a lot of Japanese food now and love every dish, so I cannot wait to try it there!
  5. Safety. It seems that Japan is such a safe country and that everyone walks out and about without many worries.
  6. Clean. This I will have to see in person, but it looks much cleaner than other countries I’ve visited.

Generally, Japan is simply one of those places where I would love to visit both the big cities and the small, undiscovered rural areas. Japanese is a really difficult language to learn, and I have been trying to learn it on and off for a while, so I hope by the time I get there I will understand something and get to visit many places.

What is your opinion of Japan and what are your tricks for learning Japanese? Let me know below 😊

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  1. I visited Japan several years ago in a time of a personal crisis – and it was really magical and a healing experience to go there. A totally different world but still easy to travel and – compared to other countries – wonderful to meditate and relax as there are virtually no safety issues (except maybe earthquakes every now and then).

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  2. I’ve always felt a deep connection with Japan and its culture ever since I was a kid. I always joke that I was Japanese in a past life, haha!
    My reasons for wanting to visit is because it seems like the type of place where I could visit temples and quiet my mind. I need to learn to do that… And it’s so lovely and clean looking! And yes, the people all seem very polite. I met a friend (through a friend) online and we would email so he could practice English with me. He had heard how much I love sakura, so he sent me a picture of the tree in his backyard. I treasure that picture.
    I have a friend who is Japanese. I met her family and some friends at a picnic. Her brother seemed absolutely tickled that I loved Japanese music and loved my drawings. And I had admired a necklace one of her friends was wearing. It wasn’t expensive or anything, but she gave it to me. I tried to politely refuse, but she insisted. I knew better than to argue and insult her. They really are such kind people. Although I’m sure there are a few bad apples just like everywhere.
    As for language… it is tough. The way I’ve been learning best as far as sentence structure and pronunciation is music. There are a lot of great bands and you can easily find the lyrics in romaji with the English translation. It’s helped me very much! And watch movies/anime… The more you expose yourself, the more you retain.

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