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3 Best Ways to Increase Productivity

Written a while back but still helps me whenever I need to get to work and get things done 🙂
Share your thoughts with me 😉

Disquiet Thoughts

We’ve all done it. Started the day thinking we need to be productive, but the responsibilities just get to be too much and you end up watching a TV show and eating chocolate instead. So how can you increase your productivity

  1. Take a shower. I heard this advice once and have applied it every time I feel like I need it. If you started your day off the wrong way and are just being lazy about the things you need to do, taking a shower is a great way to restart your day. It will make you feel clean and feels like it literally “washes the laziness” away.
  2. Make a plan, but don’t focus on each little step. It’s good to write down what you need to do and make a plan, however, be careful not to go into too much detail about this. Making a detailed plan of what…

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