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Reality Bites

Reality can be a real bitch sometimes. At times, I may feel as if you’re in a perfect world. All cogs of the clock are working perfectly fine and you’re sailing (yes, I’m changing analogies) through life without any hiccups. And then reality sets in.

It’s difficult to keep up a positive front forever and keep on going through life smiling, no matter how happy and how flawless your life philosophy may be. It feels like you’re in the clouds, enjoying every aspect of life, and then there’s this one person that doesn’t do what they’re supposed to according to the perfect life you’ve just been building up, and it tears the whole illusion down.

Why is it so difficult to keep up that Utopia for an unlimited amount of time? Why is it that there’s always someone wanting to tear it down with their negative attitude or altogether aggressive nature?

I’m fully aware that it is highly unrealistic to expect everything to be perfect at all times, but what I don’t understand is why certain people let their attitude, ego, etc., get in the way of what could be another incredible day in our lives.

Does this back to reality shock also affect you this way? How do you deal with it?

Let me know below!

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  1. I always struggle with being thrown into reality. I tend to tense up and struggle with readjusting myself. Positivity does not come easy to me, it’s something I work on everyday.

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  2. I feel the same way. Everyone has their ups and downs, but some seem to prefer feeling bad. Their negativity comes from fear, and it’s difficult to resist the effects of someone who is locked in that “fight or flight” mode on a daily basis. Taking a walk outside to get some fresh air and a new perspective really helps. Stay positive!

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  3. This is a great way to see things and I think it’s important to understand that life is all about perspective. Some people choose to see the negative things rather than the positive ones. Keep posting, you have great material. Thank you for your support on my new blog too.

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