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Writing Anywhere You Go

My best writing comes at unexpected moments. That fleeting thought that will never again be reproduced, that inspired moment that can come at any time. Yes, any time, even when I’m grocery shopping.

I know a lot of people get into the habit of carrying around a notebook and a pen so they can write down these fleeting thoughts and preserve them forever, but I just haven’t gotten into this habit. I don’t carry around pen and paper. No, it isn’t the same on my phone, the thought doesn’t flow as naturally. But then again, my thoughts really flow better on a laptop.

I do regret a lot of stories, thoughts, muses, lost forever because they were not written down in the moment.

Do you get the same? Do you write down everything anywhere you go?

Let me know your tricks for doing this below, please 😊

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  1. I use the notes app on my phone so I can write whenever thoughts come to me. I do all my editing in the notes app too. Then I copy and paste it to WordPress.

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  2. I write whenever possible. At work, home, or even when I’m driving! (Yes I do pullover lol) If it’s not on my phone’s app then it’s on my own notepad. Sometimes I even write it down on a sheet of paper that I find laying around. I prefer writing than typing it up to be honest.

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  3. Firstly, your post is beautifully and honestly written. I carry mine often, but don’t always have it amidst those epiphanies. However, we are much more likely to have our phones.

    I find the voice recording app to be very helpful. Typically, we talk faster than we write. Imagine the fluidity I’d verbalizing what you’re thinking in your own audible voice – in the spirit of the moment – only to capture it later in print.

    It’s quite helpful. Maybe that might work for you! Thank you for sharing your inspiration. It was enchanting ☺️

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