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I’ll Write About Anything

Nowadays, there’s a lot of advice out there saying that, for a blog to do better, you should really be focusing on a niche market, that your content should be tailored to an audience and address a similar range of topics every time. And while I do see the point in this, that’s not why I started this blog.

I need an outlet. Somewhere where I can write all my thoughts down and share them with the world. Somewhere where I have no restrictions on how to write, as I am not trying to please anyone specific. And while I do want my blog to do well, I’m more focused on writing things that I would be happy with.

Does this mean in one week there could be 7 different kinds of blog posts? Absolutely. And am I happy with being able to write about such different topics every time? Of course!

The moment my creativity dies is when I have too many guidelines on how a post should be, or what I should write about next. I will only continue being happy about writing and letting all my thoughts out if I’m able to write about whatever I want or about whatever is inspiring me at the time, which is what I will continue to do here.

How do you motivate yourself to write? Do you relate to the above or do you need more structure?

Let me know below 😊

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  1. Hm I’ve read that too, about finding your niche. But I think the first step like you said is to explore your options and find what you like… and I think over time maybe it’s natural to gravitate more and more towards one thing? Enjoyed your post, I relate

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  2. I agree with you that writing should be free. If anyone wants to read my work then great, that makes me so happy! But I also want this to be a creative outlet. I write on a ‘theme’ each day, so for example on Tuesdays I post about my life in Australia so people back home can keep updated with how I am doing and then Thursday I try write something body positive, but really I pick my topics and I like it that way. I think if you enjoy the writing then people enjoy the reading – the two go hand in hand and I’ve always enjoyed reading your work 🙂

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  3. A writer friend emailed me to suggest that I focused on drawings and photographing flowers and writing poems about them. But, like yourself, I have a multitude of interests and I want to write about all of them. Yes, I have an affinity with nature, but I also have an affinity with all things man-made. I love the new connections that everyday, ping out at me, clamouring for my attention – asking me to write about them! Hence, I will continue to be silly, and a bit savvy, and will write about whatever I feel like writing about at that moment, in that time. The world is my niche.

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  4. I understand the idea behind working in a niche market, however, I personally think that you should write whatever you feel and what comes to mind, not try to manipulate or control it just because it is outside of the boundaries you’ve set yourself. That stifles creativity and makes for dry reading. I find that blogging is a huge outlet for me as well, so I will continue to write to express the emotions I need to at that very moment. Thank you for being real and honest in your posts. It is refreshing! 🙂 I have nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award. The details for the award are here:

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  5. Great post. I have a hard time with that too. I do want to write about other things. I have started to write on different subjects and submitting them elsewhere. Have you ever tried Not much success yet but I will keep trying. Have a great day.

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  6. I think it’s great that you can write your thoughts out so freely in ways that people relate to easily, It takes a while for me to convert images of experiences into words.
    I do get comments like that too, about focusing on a niche market or writing better. Writing about health and food can be touchy sometimes because I’m not a qualified nutritionist, doctor or chef so I have to be careful with where I reference from. It also feels like there is an endless need out there for low sugar and low fat articles although there are plenty floating around. After a while, I wonder if people actually enjoy eating food.
    After a while, I think there’s more to life than the next superfood article (who knew cucumber is really good for you?) so I think I would prefer to just get out there, read, talk to people, cook, then organise some thoughts into words. There are some good writers for Men’s Health Australia and Australia Geographic, so I’m also learning how to write better from there.


  7. Niches are overrated, I think. My blog is about a lot of stuff that floats into my head, from the perspective of someone adjusting to retirement. As to inspiration, I get started up by reading the news and other blogs, and when I find something I have a lengthy comment on, it can turn into a post. I have also used my own experiences at times. If it’s entertaining and helpful I’m happy.

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