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Thoughts Late at Night

The thoughts come late at night. It’s not always the same and it has progressed over the years, but it’s where I feel like my mind is the most active.

In my teen years, late at night was when I thought of all the “would be’s” and the “might be’s”. When I played up future conversations in my head that would take me places my mind didn’t even know it was going. I wish I could’ve put all my thoughts in writing right away, because that level of creativity does not come easy at any other time.

Nowadays, it’s a different kind of activity. I’m not as awake as I used to be, but my mind will play tricks on me late at night. Whether that is the anxious conversations in my head, playing up scenarios that could happen and that make me feel awful, or it could be a very good day of looking forward to everything I’ll be able to do in the morning.

Today is one of those days where I just want to write my thoughts down. And I want to write a lot but my mind seems to slowly be going to sleep, and it’s about time for me to put up some background noise to drown out all the thoughts that would otherwise keep me awake.

Does anyone else do that? Put up noise so your mind can focus on one thing, helping you go to sleep much faster?

I used to think I had insomnia, until I found this trick. Let me know what’s it like for you at night below, I’m curious to see whether I’m the only one.

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  1. Every single night… And I mean EVERY. SINGLE. LAST. ONE.. WITHOUT FAIL… I set a ten hour YouTube video of rain with a blacked out screen to play while I sleep. Honestly, I couldn’t sleep without a background (white) noise. Growing up it was the radio. As I got older it was Delilah at night… It’s always been something.
    My mind is super active at night. I think though that if you have such a strong desire to write at night, you should get up and write it down.

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    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. I started years ago by listening to music. Nowadays, depending on how I’m feeling I either rewatch old tv shows (so I don’t feel too hooked cause I already know the storyline) or put some rain white noise in the background. Cannot fall asleep quickly otherwise :/

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  2. I find I need noise and some light to sleep. Otherwise, I think too much and end up running myself into the ground. I listen to netflix, and use the light of the shows as a sort of night light. I would like to be able to just settle for music, but voices makes it easier to blog out my own head.

    – Nyxie

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  3. Personally, I turn all the background noise down, so that I can hear my own imagination – my own dreams. They are often far more interesting than the noise that goes on in my workplace which, otherwise, floods into my head.

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