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Travel Luxembourg: 9 Places to Eat, Reviewed

Below, I will offer you a list of all my favourite and least favourite restaurants/coffee shops/pubs I tried while in Luxembourg. I am basing this only on the foods/drinks I tried, the level of service offered at such places and the price point, no other factors.

Please note the reviews below pertain only with my experience, and I would not guarantee you’ll have the same experience as me.

Caffé Français (Hotel), Luxembourg City

A very big disappointment both in terms of food and service. The waiter was abrupt when around, quite rude, and took a very long time to even attend to the table when we first sat down.

We ordered an apparently typical dish made of cream and chicken, and an oven dish of just potatoes, bacon and cheese. The chicken was dry and flavourless (very hard to finish) and the potatoes were only slightly okay, because how can you mess up potatoes, cheese and bacon? Still flavourless, nevertheless!

1/5, would advise anyone to not come here, even if it is a little cheaper than similar places around.


Restaurant L’Entracte, Luxembourg City

Everywhere else was full, so our choices were definitely limited. While the food wasn’t bad (but wasn’t great either), the price point was way too high for what we got (brunch set, and it was a deal valid at that time only). The service was quite slow and we had to follow-up with the waiter constantly, which is why I would not advise anyone to come here.


Oscars Bar, Luxembourg City

A very English place, so if you’re looking for typical Luxembourgish cuisine I wouldn’t advise this. As it was Easter Monday, most places were shut – which is why we turned to this place. We were pleasantly surprised about the food and the price, as our expectations were low. The atmosphere is very chill, and the outside sitting area is very nice if you just want to grab a drink on a sunny day. The food feels a lot like homemade fast food, which can actually be great for big families with kids wanting to eat out on Sunday.

Café du Pont, Vianden

Beautiful view from the restaurant, as it overlooks the river and the cute village houses just across from it. The food itself was nice and the service was very fast, which we appreciated.

It was not the best food we tried and the beers were a little flat, but I would definitely advise grabbing something to eat here if you just want to grab a quick bite. Generally the food wasn’t too expensive for Luxembourg standards.


Brasserie-Restaurant Theaterstuff, Luxembourg City

Now, I will start by saying that we did not have food here (except for a Baguette with Salami and Cheese) as we landed very late at night, but the snacks we got and the drinks were amazing. Loved their drinks menu, it was cheap compared to other places we saw around, and it was very relaxing to sit outside on a warm spring night. This one wins based on their cheap prices and freshness of typical (and yummy) Luxembourgish beer.

Do be aware that the lady that served us did not speak any English – although seeing how nice they are and with the help of some bilingual customers around, I’m sure you would be just fine.

Namur (Confiserie-Patisserie), Luxembourg City

Pretty sure everyone would know about this one if they quickly went on Google and looked for the best pastry shops around, but it is worth noting that everything in there is well decorated, delicious and will leave you waanting more!

Only took some points off for the fact that, even though it wasn’t too busy, service in general seemed a little too slow (specially downstairs) and each item was more on the pricy side 😉

Photo by: here.

Chocolate House Nathalia Bonn, Luxembourg City

This place is like heaven on earth. I ordered a simple iced coffee, which turned out to include coffee and chocolate ice cream scoops, whipped cream and caramel drizzle – delicious!

Their pralines were also really good, but due to their high price point we really couldn’t get much else at the time, which is their only downside.


Ready ?! Coffee Shop, Luxembourg City

So this isn’t your typical Luxembourg coffee shop (although, based on the amount of cultures around, what is?), and it did have a Scandinavian feel to it, but as they were just around the corner from our hotel it was worth giving it a try.

Definitely do not regret it, as they offer both healthy and unhealthy choices for breakfast (that feels like brunch), the perfect start to your day. Everyone spoke perfect English and was really nice – and I would’ve gone back a lot more if they hadn’t been closed the other days.

Inside, Luxembourg City

The fact we ended up here was a little bit of a fluke. Still around our hotel and outside the touristic areas, we had come across it the day before and thought it looked like an interesting choice. As we couldn’t find much else open at the time that would offer both drinks and food, we chanced coming to this one and find out more.

We started with drinks outside, where the staff quickly asked what we wanted and explained what they had on the menu that day. When we moved inside, we were treated by some of the nicest staff again and were quickly seated. It is a small and cosy small, and the food was so delicious I could’ve ordered it five times!

They offer both French and Thai food (didn’t try the latter) and is a little expensive, but definitely worth it more than any of the other restaurants on this list.

Thanks for reading! What else would you like to learn about Luxembourg or future places I visit? Let me know below 😊

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