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Travel Luxembourg: The Landscape

Luxembourg is not shy of beautiful sights anywhere you turn. Within the first day I found myself in both a big city and a small, cute town, with its own stream of water and a beautiful bridge that seemed like it was frozen in time. And these two contrasting sites were one lift ride away from each other!

What I found so interesting about Luxembourg was the fact that, every street you turn it feels like you’re in a different country! Some houses looked very Swiss, others Dutch. Many streets remind me of Lisbon and Paris. The historical sites are just overall beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to explore more.

I visited both Luxembourg City and the beautiful town of Vianden – which I advise everyone to visit not only because of its magnificent castle, but also for the nature and beautiful, small village.

There wasn’t a great level of politeness that stood out from anyone I met (not to say that anyone was rude, however), like in Norway, but the town itself is surrounded by a small river, hills, greenery, history, and sights like I’ve never seen before.

In Luxembourg City, I found the below hidden gem and I felt like it was worth highlighting it:

More to come on my Instagram!

Have you ever been to Luxembourg? What sights stood out to you?

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  1. I worked in Hotel Schumacher in Weilerbach. Weilerback-les-Echternach was the mailing address.We just graduated from University and traveled Europe and worked 3 weeks in Luxembourg. The Shumackers spoke French to us. We only knew French and English. Sue also spoke Flemish. Looking out to window was a small walking bridge to Germany. You could still see the faded red crosses on rooftops from WW2 (indicating hospitals). In the forests you could hear cockoo birds. It was magical.

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  2. This was one of my most favorite visited places. The historic district was my most favorite. Visiting the Crips within the castle walls the town pretty much is inside the old castle walls it was amazing and the food was fantastic! It is one of the most architectural e beautiful places I’ve ever visited.


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