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Travel Luxembourg: A Myriad of Cultures

Travelling to Luxembourg was an experience I definitely wasn’t expecting. Being so central to Europe, while I knew many languages were spoken in the country, I never expected to find so many different cultures in one place.

The country itself (and please bear in mind I was only there for 4 days) is very relaxed and everyone seems to be perfectly happy speaking their own language – meaning from place to place you might find different cultures displayed.

I saw many Portuguese cafés, French restaurants, Luxembourgish native treats, Swiss architecture, saw many German signs. It was amazing going from place to place and not know which culture you would get at that particular place (or if anyone would speak English 😉).

Will do a separate post on languages in Luxembourg soon, but wants to point out the different in cultures in such a small country, as I found that fascinating and very nice to experience.

In Vangen.

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