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Travel Luxembourg: Peace on Earth

I’m a person that sometimes loves quiet holidays. Crowds can stress me out, as well as clutter, too many loud noises, and anything along those lines.

In reality, I chose to go away to Luxembourg for Easter weekend because the travel was cheaper – but I was very pleasantly surprised about what I found there. Luxembourg is very much like my heaven: a small country, mixed cultures, very clean and generally not crowded. The food was very good, and its sights were beautiful.

Not only did I have something to do the entire time I was there (four days), but each day truly felt like a relaxing holiday. With long walks around the city and many chances to take photos, there really wasn’t anything else I could’ve asked for!

More details to come on this trip to come soon.

Have YOU ever visited Luxembourg? What did you think of it? Let me know below 😊

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  1. I’ve been to Luxembourg as well and I loved every minute. Even with other countries so close, we spent almost all of our time in Luxembourg. Wish I could post some of my photos here. Be well.

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