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6 Important Tips To Improve Your Happiness

From around two years ago, I still believe this is important to remind ourselves every day!
Have a read on ways to improve your happiness and let me know your tips and tricks.

Disquiet Thoughts

Your state of mind can very much alter the way you live your life. Many people vouch for the fact that, if you think positive thoughts, you will attract positive things to your life, while if you only think negatively about everything that happens to you, the opposite will follow.

I, like many others, can attest to this. It is impossible for someone to keep being positive on all aspects of life forever, but you control what you think and that is enough to start changing your negative mindset.

Not that long ago I was in a very bad place – anxiety, depression and bad thoughts followed. I didn’t know what I had done to deserve such bad luck and why everything was going so wrong all at once. I thought, based on what I could see on social media, that everyone’s life was just perfect and I couldn’t understand…

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