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5 Steps to Increase Your Efficiency

Do you ever feel like you could be completing tasks much more efficiently and wasting less time on each little step?

I have put together 5 steps I find very important in increasing my efficiency any time I have to complete a last-minute project, take a look here:

1. Divide and highlight each step needed to complete your project. It’s very important to think about each step needed to complete a project so you can prepare for any issue that may come and be able to manage your time better. Project management tools such as Asana are incredible to build out these steps and put “on paper” what needs to be done.

2. Do your research. While research can sometimes feel like a waste of time, it is worth it when you, later on, spend a lot less time thinking about what to do next, but instead you already know what the market trends are and how you can successfully complete your tasks.

3. Find shortcuts to dull and repetitive tasks. I am of the opinion that there is always a shortcut for everything. That being in design, data analysis, copywriting, whatever it may be, you can always find a shortcut that, while you may spend some time looking for it, will save you hours of work in the future!

4. Don’t stress each detail when you’re first working on your tasks. Stressing over each little step can really hinder your overall productivity, as it will keep you from being more creative. I like to get as much information out onto paper as possible, and then go over it many times to make my thoughts more concise and perfect the work done.

5. Say it out loud. Bounce ideas off of friends or colleagues if you feel stuck. Sometimes you don’t even need to hear any feedback or opinions back, simply the fact that you’re expressing your ideas out loud and trying to explain them will put everything into perspective and get you the answers you need.

Thanks for reading, and let me know in the comments below if there’s anything you personally struggle in a corporate environment that you may need help with – hopefully it’s something I’ve dealt with and I can offer some more insight 😊

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  1. If I may add..It’s also important to utilize a planner or a Calendar. In that way, your tasks and goals for the day or the week are clearly outlined. I find this effective for me..:)

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