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Serenity: Finding Peace Inside

Sometimes you just need some quiet around you to recharge. And I don’t quiet in terms of tangible noise, but in terms of emotional noise, the negativity that emanates from human beings.

If I can’t be around you it doesn’t mean I don’t like you or that I have anything against you, it just means that my head is too cluttered, and I need to clear it in order to feel okay again. It means that no matter how much I try to drown out the noise, being around others who going against everything and focusing on the negative side of life is getting to me, and that doesn’t allow me to be in peace with my thoughts.

Like it or not, I’m not always strong enough to be able to face your criticism of others without feeling a little torn down myself. That’s why, when you see me fleeing and seeking for this quiet, don’t take it personally.

My head needs time to recollect its thoughts and figure out to make me feel better without outside influences.

It’s only because of this silence that I’m able to keep feeling inspired ❤

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  1. Same here, i need alone time to fully recharge before i can face the world again. without it, that’s how i act up n starting being impossible to deal with.

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