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Making Assumptions About Others

Everyone makes assumptions about others. Sometimes it’s little things like “that person looks very smart”, and sometimes there are more drastic assumptions based on how someone looks, like “that person looks crazy”.

Everyone’s guilty of making assumptions, big or small, but how we act towards people based on these assumptions is what sets us apart.

It is not good to judge a book by its cover, but what’s worse is changing your behaviour towards someone simply because you do not like the way they dress, or the colour of their hair. Assumptions can be very unhealthy because they’re keeping you from meeting cool new people due only to your closed mindset.

So, next time you’re looking at someone on the street that does not look well, or that may scare you based on the way they’re acting, remember that everyone has a personal life and something they are dealing with.

People have different ways of reacting to pain, so bear in mind that while someone else’s wounds may not be visible, they might still be suffering and acting out because of this pain. As a society, it is important we bear that in mind and not dismiss people too quickly.

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  1. I remind myself of this all the time. When people are rude or arrogant or cut me off in traffic I remind myself that I don’t know what they are going through … and let it go. My Aunt (who was a headmistress) said that the children that acted out the nastiest were often the most miserable … and it applies to adults too. Thank you for reminding me 🙂

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