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Life is unstable, and it’s hard to ever feel safe. But do we really want to?

Human beings feel uncomfortable when there is no safety. Feel bored when there is too much safety. Like a challenge. But don’t like to be challenged all the time.

How do you find the perfect balance? How do you feel perfect content with life? Or is it all just an illusion as we try to fool ourselves thinking we’ll ever be perfectly happy?

I look at older people in guidance, to know what really matters. How should I be feeling?

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  1. I suspect that balance is fluid, it is only ever contextual to the moment. I’ve been pondering this for a few years and because of my tendency to like to be challenged, which can be a rollercoaster ride. However, the monastics of several faith traditions have demonstrated it can be given space to arise.

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  2. That post is interesting as I often wonder myself about safety – also the older I get and in context with traveling. Frankly, the news we get is all about negativity and unsafety and making us feel uneasy. So one remedy would be to cut the news short and stay positive. Nature can help with that a great deal!

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