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Letting Them Win

I will not let them win.

I will not lose sight of my life over someone who does not give a second thought of the words coming out of their mouth. I will not let them have control over my life, my feelings, my actions.

I will not pretend to be fine when I am not, but I will likewise not give in and break down over the thought of someone being so uncaring, so disrespectful.

Giving in and letting your emotions take the best of you, in my eyes, is the same as letting them win. Showing them that they are getting to you and have any impact, however little, in your life, is giving them a sense of satisfaction they do not deserve.

Stay strong, fight others with your intellect and never let yourself get down over what others do or think. You will win simply by showing them that the only consequences of their actions are to show others how not to act.

Spread love and not hate ❤

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