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4 Benefits of Learning A New Language

I love learning about new languages and self-teaching new languages. I have come to realise that there are a lot of benefits that come with learning new languages that, people who only speak their native languages, probably wouldn’t know about.

  1. Improves your memory. I find that learning new vocabulary really helps me improve my memory, especially when I keep practicing words over and over again and learning how to use them in a particular language.
  2. Allows you to think in different ways. Speaking a different language can really influence the way you behave or talk about something, more so when you’ve become fluent. I find that when speaking Portuguese my thought process is different than when speaking English. Certain values also seem to differ. This is because of the culture influence a language can have, as well as usual native expressions.
  3. You fully learn a new culture. For me, I feel like there is no better way to understand a new culture than speaking and understanding that country’s language. And that, in itself, is extremely important for opening your mind to new ideas and possibilities in the world.
  4. More opportunities. This one is probably the main reason a lot of people would learn a new language, but speaking different languages allows you to have more opportunities both professionally and personally – that being from the ability to relocate, to the ability to watch more videos online. Whatever your motivation is, I’ve always loved not being limited to watching videos in only one language and be able to expand my interests.

What are some of the other benefits you found come with learning a new language? Let me know below!

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  1. I agree to all of them! I speak three languages and it’s helpful when you are able to adapt and be flexible with your surroundings. It makes you more mindful too with what you say or do.

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  2. You should look for the computer disk called, “languages around the world.” You listen to it and it verbally tells you the word, and then it gives you ways to remember it, and you can print out homework and asked you questions. It’s a little bit on the childish side,. but it really helped me when I was living overseas. Also any of the children’s discs that they sing a song always help me remember even if they are childish. Its basic language skills. However, it helped me in whatever country I was in…. Good Luck

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  3. I agree with all of those, especially gaining a completely different perspective and approach to solving things. I definitely think I express myself differently in English and in my native Czech. I love learning languages, I think it’s a great way to improve yourself!

    lovely post 🙂

    xx A.

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  4. Great ideas. I would love to add one more: music, songs. Listening of songs helps to understand the contents easier. Song are generally sung slower, which means better understanding. I also speak some languages and make my posts in them.

    Have wonderful day!

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  5. It is a great icebreaker and conversation opener. I speak English, fluent German (mother tongue) and I am learning Russian since 1,5 years. It immediately puts a smile on peoples faces when you can say a few things in their language.

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  6. Great ideas in your post! Number 4 is definitely true especially considering how connected we are to one another nowadays. Imagine how many different movies and shows a person would have access to on Netflix by speaking any number of languages.

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