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Travel Oslo: Culture Insight

I have recently travelled to Oslo, and while that does not make me an expert in their culture and traditions, it did give me an insight into how this city is compared to others I have observed so far.

Firstly, everything in Oslo was beautiful, clean and snowy (this part is seasonal, of course 😉). It truly felt like a holiday, as we didn’t have to rush everywhere we went, truly getting to enjoy the sights without other tourists getting in the way.

Secondly, one aspect we noticed right away was that there really didn’t seem to be many people anywhere around. I don’t know if that was due to the snow or the fact that the city itself is less chaotic and more relaxed, but we could sometimes walk for 10 minutes without seeing another living soul.

Everyone we encountered either had perfect or close-to-perfect English, and they cared about us like we were from Norway. It’s rare that I feel completely at ease in any new country I visit, as there are always certain situations that make me a little uncomfortable, but that was not the case at all in Oslo.

People there just felt happier and like they were enjoying their day, rather than fighting to get through it. I would really love to understand how a country can be so organised and how everyone can be happy and relaxed – the opposite of the majority of countries I’ve been to.

Overall, visiting Oslo proved to be one of the most relaxing holidays due to everyone being so nice and polite, and I would gladly go back regularly (if it weren’t for it being insanely expensive, that is).

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