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Huawei Mate 20 Pro: 5 Favourite Camera Features

Huawei Mate 20 Pro is highly talked about right now, and there are many things I love about its camera. Today, I will be focusing on 5 of my favourite features.

#1: Night Setting

My absolute favourite setting if the night one. I finally can take photos at night that are 100% clear and look beautiful (meaning more time for photoshoots 😉). But not only that, this setting is perfect for indoor pictures when the lighting is too yellow or just not very bright, as it adjusts the colour. You do have to hold your phone steady for 2-6 secs (depending on how dark it is) for it to colour-correct, so it isn’t ideal for big group night-time photos. Perfect for all else!

#2: Good Food Setting

For all those who love taking pictures of their food, this setting is perfect. The camera automatically adapts the colours so your food looks delicious and helps your plate stand out from anyone else’s!

#3: Wide Lens

This is one of my favourite settings at the moment! It’s always so difficult taking photos of big buildings or group photos and getting everyone to fit in. When I got this phone I didn’t even know this was one of the functions, but I was over the moon when I found out how easy it was to include everything in one high-res photo. It zooms out to 0.6x, which is awesome.

#4: Aperture

I’ve never taken such beautiful shots of up-close objects, and I am loving it. Whether photos of beautiful decorations in restaurants, plants, anything in nature, the aperture feature lets you decide how much you want the background to be blurred and truly focuses on the close-up object, making it stand out more than ever. I’ve been loving this setting for more artistic photography.

#5: Master AI

The camera’s Master AI (Artificial Intelligence) is amazing! When enabled, your phone automatically selects the best setting for the type of photo you’re taking. Portrait when there’s people, night photo when there’s low lighting, wide lens when taking photos of buildings or big groups. Of course it can get a little annoying if you’re taking to take a specific photoand it changes the setting, but you can quickly disable the AI whenever it isn’t needed.

What are some of your favourite camera features I should check out? Let me know below.

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