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Power of the Sun

There’s nothing that works better when I’m down than the sun. It can alter my mood in one second, as I feel a sense of peace and well-being immediately.

It’s been hard living in a country where it’s mostly dark all the time in the Winter, and it always turns out to be the most difficult season for me to stay happy.

As the days grow longer, I can already feel the change it’s starting to have on me. I can already feel that I can be myself and feel like myself without trying too hard.

Why is it that the sun has this effect on me? Is it because I grew up in a very sunny country?

PS: I take enough Vitamin supplements that it should not be any sort of deficiency.

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  1. I hear ya! I struggle with depression in the “dark north” in the winter too. My only suggestion is, check the dosage of your supplements. If you have a deficiency, you may need to take a higher dosage than normal to counteract it. As an example, I don’t take Vitamin D3 at all in the summer. In the winter, I take 5000iu’s (which is a lot for a woman, but it’s the amount I’ve found works well for me).

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    • Thanks for the tip, I’m gonna try to take that into consideration 😉 Usually I do keep taking Vitamin D3 in the Summer (500 iu’s) because it contains calcium as well, and in the winter I do either 1000 or 1500 iu’s. So considering you do 5000 I might have to consider getting supplements that are Vitamin D3 only.

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  2. I hear you. I grew up from a tropical country wherein we only have summer and rainy season. Coming from another country is hard and embracing winter is the hardest. I remember to just feel unmotivated. Eventually, I learned to look at the brighter side of it and embraced the fact that it’s where I am now and the only thing I can do is counteract the feeling of being lonely..away from friends and family..and that there’s something better to look just in a different way.

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  3. The rain is amazing… but there is NOTHING like waking up to the sun peeking through or a day spent lying out, reading or writing in the sun. Somehow, the sun has healing powers. A day can look bleak and all of a sudden you see the sun rays and there is hope 🙂

    Needless to say- I feel ya!


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