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For it doesn’t matter how you may feel at one moment, the fleetingness of it all makes it redundant holding on to that feeling forever. For if you are happy, sad, scared, excited, it does not mean that will be your everlasting sentiment.

Don’t think, just because you are sad or scared, that you must or will continue feeling that way. If you are happy and cheerful, don’t worry about these feelings changing. For the fleetingness or if all becomes a constant in your life, and if you can expect it than you can prepare for it.

Believe in yourself, focus on the positive, and know that the little things do not matter and should not have control over you.

This fleetingness is what makes it all precious.

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  1. Much to think about here. I question your statement that the little things don’t matter, because the little things add up and even a small change can have a big impact for better or worse. Yet, at the same time, say when it comes to decluttering your house, for example, throwing out big items is clearly going to have a much more productive impact. It can be difficult at times to identify the big, significant stuff versus something which matters to someone else but might mean nothing to you, or take you right off course.
    In terms of trying to get your life back on track, I think it’s helpful to think that an accumulation of smaller changes can make a big impact and make it easier to get started. Get the ball rolling.
    Best wishes,

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    • Perhaps I should have made it clearer what I meant in this case. I believe the little things matter when they linger and when they start making a bigger impact in your life. A passing feeling of annoyance or anxiety over something small should not have control over your life, however if this becomes a constant due to someone interfering with your feelings over and over, then maybe it’s time to analyse the situation and find out why you’re feeling that way and what you could do to change it. Hopefully that makes it a little clearer on what I meant with little things 😊 Thanks for commenting and have a great day! 🙂


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