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Kenya: Mombasa, A Paradise

After finishing up our Safari in Masai Mara, we headed down to Mombasa. I didn’t just want to experience the big city while in Kenya, but I also wanted to visit somewhere by the ocean for a paradise holiday, to enjoy a little bit of the sun and to remind me a little more of my hometown.

We took a 50 min flight down to Mombasa (heard the train ride is beautiful, but since there wasn’t much time, we wanted to make the most out of our time there), and stayed at a very modern 4-star hotel with its own private beach (didn’t make use of it), a pool by the bar (did make use of that), and the most beautiful rooms (not necessary but nice to have).

We were upgraded to a beautiful room with its own living room, terrace, kitchen, two bathrooms and one big bedroom.

Day 1

On the first day in Mombasa, we didn’t have much time to visit anywhere in the city, so we simply headed out to the pool, swam, took pictures and enjoyed the freedom. The hotel then arranged a reservation at a nearby famous seafood restaurant, where we could try the local (fresh) seafood by the water, in a beautiful restaurant.

Day 2

Day 2 was pretty full: we arranged a tour of the local “Old Town” to visit the historical centre, take the typical Mombasa tusks photos. It was very difficult to walk around due to the high heat and humidity (mostly for me the humidity was the worse part), and the longer the day went on, the worse I felt. After visiting the historical centre and having some lunch we went to Haller Park, where I thought it would be colder, I would get to enjoy the wildlife, feed giraffes, see crocodiles getting fed and take a few more photos. All was true except the heat part, as it didn’t matter whether we stayed in the shade or sun, it kept getting hotter.

We headed back to the hotel for a quick dip in the pool and then to our hotel room for some air conditioning and a shower. I was feeling like I had heatstroke and quickly fell asleep. It started raining quite a bit, so we went to another restaurant by the beach.

Day 3

My favourite day in Mombasa, we headed early in the morning out for Snorkelling and lunch in an Island (more on this coming soon!). If you’re thinking of visiting, I’d definitely advise going to Mombasa ❤

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