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Kenya: A Trip to Another World

Recently, an opportunity was presented to me: the chance to see the other side of the world, something I had never done before.

I’ve always wanted to travel more, visit new places, try new food, enjoy new music, be in the presence of different cultures and see new sights. I’d never imagined the first opportunity I’d have for this would be to Kenya.

I never knew much about Kenya, but I knew crime rates were high, economic and social inequality was high, and that it was worlds away from home. Immediately after booking plane tickets, anxiety rushed through my body, I couldn’t think clearly and almost cancelled the whole thing.

Through understanding and support, I pushed through (by doing a lot of research into where I was going) and continued to book this holiday.

I visited Kenya and I loved it. Being surrounded by a completely different world, new people, a different culture, etc., was overwhelming – but in a beautiful way.

Don’t let anxiety and fear get the best of you, it can be keeping you from amazing new experiences.

Follow-up posts on my trip to come! Stay tuned and share some of your similar experiences below!

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