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How to Recharge: 7 Tips

I’m not always the best at recharging my batteries – sometimes I put others’ needs in front of mine (not necessarily a bad thing), and end up not being able to fully recharge. I’ll list here my 7 favourite ways to get my energy back up, but please do list yours in the comments as well. Please note not all go hand-in-hand, but rather depend on the mood I’m in.

  1. Disconnect from the world. This is for those very desperate times where you don’t seem to be able to stop checking messages, emails, talking with friends, etc., and it just seems to drain you more and more each day. If this happens constantly, it might be a good idea to get a good holiday in somewhere where you won’t be able to connect yourself to the internet at all, where you’re not even able to use your phone. Allow yourself this and enjoy your own time with no distractions.
  2. Relax. Yes, this is basic, but sometimes we need sleep. 8 hours might do, but allow yourself the chance to not leave your bed for an extra 4 hours. Watch a funny TV show, grab some breakfast in bed, ignore any unread messages you have, relax. I opt for this one first, whenever I’m feeling a little down.
  3. Take a walk outside, in the nature. Being surrounded by nature is one of the best things you can do for yourself! The peace and calm, on a sunny and slightly windy day. The careless walk around where you can focus on your thoughts and the beauty that surrounds you.
  4. A trip to the beach. I’m partial to this, as I grew up by the beach, but this is what relaxes me the most. Taking a trip to the beach, laying down in the sand (or, sometimes, rocks), and listening to the sound of the waves is the one thing that relaxes me the most. I’m able to feel like myself again 100% whenever I’m at the beach (and it isn’t too hot).
  5. Be with the snow. I love walking in the snow, being surrounded by snow, or just watch the snow fall around me (whether I’m outside or at home). I feel like it brings magic to an otherwise familiar place. Like that park that you walk by every single day on your way to work – it is now a whole new magical place. I do advise taking a little holiday in the snow, but it is definitely worth it just being surrounded by it (if you don’t have to commute).
  6. Work on a hobby, with no distractions. I talk about this a lot, but working on a hobby is probably one of my favourite ways of working on something for myself, something that doesn’t involve anything but my own needs. Something that addresses what I want to do without distractions (putting loud music on with one of the ways to achieve this).
  7. Take a trip, go away. Getting away is the ultimate way to fully recharge your batteries. No matter where you’re planning on going, just make sure it’s far away and you won’t know anyone around. Being in a foreign country, in a foreign environment, and getting to think for yourself without anyone else interfering in your thoughts will ensure you are doing what you actually want to do.

These are just some of my favourite ways.

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  1. Great read. I like #6, I find when I’m able to do that it’s very easy to lose track of time and really enjoy yourself, and that allows for a fast recharge for sure!

    Good list, thanks for sharing.

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  2. Wonderful tips! #3 and #6 are my personal favorites – getting outside among trees and birds is always a great way to recharge, and losing myself in the studio is guaranteed to bring everything back into perspective.

    I would add one more to your list – put on some music! The power of music to change your mood and lift you out of a funk is simply amazing. Happy music, quiet music, dance music – whatever you are needing at the moment, just put it on and let it take you away!

    By the way, I want to thank you for sharing your struggles, and what you do to try and work though them. You are helping a lot of folks – not just with you insights, but simply by letting them know they are not the only ones feeling these things. It makes a difference!

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  3. I love this. I can definitely relate to all of them as these are my go-to methods of decompressing too.

    I absolutely love number 5: I am a huge fan of all things snow, and I appreciate that you note that as a great way to relax. Snow is so cleansing and pure and when I look out at snow, I can’t help but take a break and appreciate the way it’s falling.

    The hard part is not finding ways to relax, but finding time and convincing myself that it is okay (and necessary) to recharge and take care of myself first sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing!


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