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Recharging My Batteries

We all get worned out. We all go through periods in life where we’re completely out of energy, feel exhausted all the time, anxiety is high, creativity is low, etc.

We all go through phases when it feels like we absolutely need to recharge our batteries and get back to our full potential. I’ve recently did just that by going on holiday – both to my hometown and to a beach town away from home.

My hometown never really feels like a holiday. It’s next to the ocean, there’s nature, there are mountains, but there’s also a life there. People to visit (which I love), catching up to do, childhood memories to relive. It is a perfect place to relax and unwind from the city life, but it doesn’t allow you to fully disconnect!

The beach town feels different. I had no WiFi at home, was at the beach all day (mostly sans phone), absorbed the fun, went out for dinner most nights, hung out with only a close group of friends and family every day. At first my body rejected not having much access to the outside world, not being able to go on YouTube as much as I wanted or watch my TV shows every day. And it’s then that I realised that this was actually a gift: I was able to almost fully (still internet on my phone) disconnect from the outside world, to not watch YouTube videos at my every spare minute, to not check the news or read articles online, to not watch every TV show I usually love to watch.

You find yourself with more spare time when this happens, and you find ways to be more productive and care about yourself. You start noticing the changes that need to be made in your life and the things holding you back.

I needed to allow myself the chance to stop, relax and think about my next steps, and that’s when I started feeling my batteries being recharged. That’s when creativity and positive feelings starts flowing again, much to my content.

Overworking myself feels like second nature by now, so being forced to stop for a minute or two        felt like a whole new life I wasn’t used to – and I won’t continue it, but it definitely helps from time to time.

I have certain ways to recharge my batteries that I’ll talk about later, but what’s your favourite thing to do to disconnect from the world and your issues?

Comment below and let me know, advice appreciated 😉

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  1. I like to go on a long hike in nature or in the mountains or a day drive with no preplanned destination or set times in order to decompress. It’s nice to not consistently be thinking about my Monday-Friday work and just focus of my feelings and other goals for the future. It really helps to get my mind straight and prepared. Plus when I’m hiking I usually don’t have cell/internet service so I’m not attached to my devices. Great post by the way.

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