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Social Media as a Brand

Having worked for various companies and managing their social media accounts, I feel like I have a pretty good idea on how to develop a brand on social media across various platforms, how to build their identity according to what channel I’m using and who the target audience is.

However, when it comes to a personal brand, how do you know how to approach it? We each have many different sides to our personality that can be reflected on social media, but you’re meant to stick to one in order to attract your target audience. You’re meant to approach different platforms differently and use them each for their strengths, so that you can develop your presence online and build up a strong fanbase… but doesn’t that just sound exhausting?

For years I’d hoped being yourself is what got you followers, but it seems like consistency, hard work, a clear brand and a goal are a lot more important. How come that works? I will continue to develop the way I approach social media and understand more about why certain people react to these strategies.


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