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Me Time

Me time, for me, includes getting to work on my hobbies. It means focusing on tasks that I want to do to the point of it feeling like I have been very productive with my day.

I don’t necessarily always need the time to be locked away in my room watching TV, but I need to feel like my skills in life and my projects are being constantly worked on, that something is developing.

It is when I’m being kept from working out, writing a book, writing blog posts, drawing, learn a new language, working on logos, building up a social media presence, etc., that I feel like I need to get some me time.

Do you ever feel so motivated and ambitious that you feel like you need to step away from the world momentarily in order to feel productive?

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  1. Sometimes, although the last 2 days I’ve been feeling mentally exhausted and couldn’t seem to motivate myself or concentrate enough to draw or work on a blog post, social media, or writing my novel. I jut needed some downtime so I decided to get out into nature and take a walk. It was nice. I’m thinking today is more about recharging my batteries. 😉

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    • Yes definitely been there recently! For me going for a weekend away to enjoy the sea and the sun helped so much – it was so relaxing. Walks in the nature are also perfect to get some clarity 🙂


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