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The Pleasure of Writing

Writing for me comes out of pleasure. I love coming up with ways to express my feelings, new ways to tell a story, to sell a product, to bring people together towards one cause.

Writing can be forced or it can come naturally (I prefer the latter), but all that matters to me is that I’m still writing out of pleasure and not out of necessity.

I have lost sight of that a few times, but when I do I just take a step back, analyse what I’m writing and approach it in a different perspective that would allow me to enjoy the topic in question – if I can, I try to postpone the deadline for when I’d feel more ready.

What do you write for?

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  1. I write because it’s a great stress relief. I write because I have something to say and I come off way better in print then I do when speaking. I write because it makes me happy. I love your new page set up btw.

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