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Feeling Positive

Feeling positive and in control is not very common for me, but I have been feeling like that lately. Not only am I capable of decreasing anxiety and feeling more okay in the world, but I have also been able to stop the negative thoughts from creeping in (like they would usually do…)!

Every time my mind wonders and I find myself thinking of an impossible and negative scenario that could happen (it wouldn’t), I just stop myself, breathe deeply and think about something positive instead. It’s the tiniest of things but it really does help.

Usually I’d feel weird actually admitting that I feel okay, but I was able to tell myself that simply talking about it is not a bad thing. Talking about it will, hopefully, both remind myself of how to feel better in the future, or help anyone else out there from feeling as bad as I was feeling.

Do you have any tips you use on a day to day basis that could help me/others from letting the negative thoughts in?

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  1. Just being grateful for the good things in your life helps to keep the negative out. Keeping your focus off the negative things a person does or says helps to. A lot of times I find that if I try to put a positive spin on what a person says I find that I don’t get as offended as I usually do and I’m not as angry all the time.

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  2. Kudos to you for allowing yourself to admit to the anxiety, and giving yourself “permission” to verbalize it. It’s not easy to do. But the more often you do it, the easier it will become. And recognizing the fact that you are headed down a negative road – and then deliberately realigning your thoughts – is a huge and important step! Bravo!

    It may help to figure out some of the little things that lift you up and make you smile, and then surround yourself with them (you may have already done this). Remember that it is NOT “selfish” to take care of yourself. We are often harder on ourselves than we would be on others. Remember to treat yourself with the same compassion you would show to a stranger or a friend.

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  3. I remember reading one of your other posts that you have lots of hobbies/interests/activities, 25 if I am correct. Even though you may not stick to them with religious devotion yet getting engaged in one of them can be calming. I love piano, yoga, and books. They are my favorite means to pass time.

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  4. Hello NEWPMV: Thank you for your posting on feeling good. So many of your points are my feelings too! It’s the small things that add up to a good life. And do we have the right to feel good? Many of us have somehow been taught it’s not okay – I’m still working on it after many years. I thank you for your transparency, taking the risk to reveal yourself. Also, thank you for ‘liking’ my ‘It’s not all bad news’ post.
    Ellen Besso – Eclectic Spirituality

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